Sabrina On Suicide Note Lead singer talks about what inspired her to write the song

By silentadm

The song Suicide Note from the EP Immortal brings a dedicated subject to discussion, the consequences of depression and burnout. The song was written as an attempt to warn people about this serious topic.

Watch Sabrina talking about the story behind the song and the subject of the lyrics.


[CLICK HERE to listen to Suicide Note]

Follow the links and contacts mentioned on the video:

Why You’re An Owl Or A Lark

Germany: 0800 1110111
Romania: 0800 801 200
Mexico: 9453777
Chille: (00 56 43) 22 12 00
Argentina: (54-11) 4758 – CAFS
Brazil: 141 – CVV
USA: 1-800-273-TALK (Worldwide) (Germany) (Romania)


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