The overton window


When the extreme turns into reality...

Everyone who watches TV, listens to the radio, reads the news or takes part on social media has caught themselves thinking that an extreme idea presented by some politician, celebrity or influencer months ago, after some related events, won’t seem to be extreme at all as you previously thought.

Was this person a visionary? Or the facts presented by the media lately changed your concept of extreme?

This is  a strategy called Overton Window: You present the audience  an idea that you know it won’t be accepted at first, then you feed them with a lot of other absurdly extreme ideas, so that the first one won’t seem absurd at all when compared to the others.  At this point, the audience tends to approve the first one with lesser resistance, as the frame that encompasses their opinions has been pushed in the direction desired by the proponent of the idea, by the possibility of having to live with extreme ones.

This is the topic of this song , released by Sabrina as her solo work. The question remains: “How free are we really to choose what is best, when the manipulation of the facts is so big to make you to take measures against yourself without even noticing?”


Sabrina Todt, Renato Angelo

The night is falling

the sky seems so clear

The stars and moon are watching

People dreaming without fear

Knowing how mankind reacts

the devious lauch an attack

All logic will fade

as night into day

The unthinkable is now real

So unreasonable, and unreal

The Overton window

is shifting away

your mind is changing

it’ll never be the same

The sun is rising

and the sky is grey

The wind is blowing this change

people still think the same

So watch out for what’s coming

even though your mind is numb

all logic seems vain

for those with no brains

So political also critical

Makes the devious attack no even hard

Having the knowledge of the human heart

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