Ocean Deep

You can be the very best at something, feel at home where most people would cringe. But at what cost?


Sabrina Todt, Renato Angelo

Being with you today
Is all I have to remember yesterday
So if you’re feeling sad
Get a grip, be a real friend 

Nothing is worse than that
Coming home and leaveing your everything behind 
Don’t you worry now
Don’t bother while I stay around 

Knowing that the ocean is the only refuge 
And that I should probably let you go 
I just make you stay
So I have a place to call home 

The ocean is wide and also deep 
Under the surface I can really see
The ocean is wide and also deep 
Over its waters I am really free

Being overseas 
Friends are more than family 
And waves keep me company 
White seagulls fly effortlessly 

Looking at the water 
It feels so difficult to breathe 
Don’t you worry now 
Maybe someday I’ll be underground 

So now I write to you 
This letter without an end
Confessing that after all
I am a coward man


Whiplash of water 
And only you for a memory 
Oh life wrecked at the bottom 
‘Cause you set yourself finally free


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3 comments on “OCEAN DEEP

  • Christoper Symons says:

    I hope my comments dont stop future updates, as I really do enjoy your group. I thought the music to Ocean’s Deep was great. For me it was more the lyrics I had a little trouble with. The words feel as though they were directly translated from a dictionary. In my ears, the words simply didn’t flow together, both with the music and with any true emotion. Though I think the voice is great, it’s the handshake with the rest of the instruments which needs improvement in this song. I am looking forward to your next song post. Cheers! ?

  • Great song (again…)!
    I’d say: let’s “air” it next week in our online friday night rock show ‘Barracuda’ on winkradio.nl!
    Is that okay??? 😉

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