New Horizons Story A Sci Fi Tale About A New Beginning

By silentadm

Silent Saga - New Horizons

When I wrote this lyric my Sci Fi mode was on…

The main character wakes in a pod in outer space and all he can think about is that he is an unfortunate man that will miss all the things he had done in life while he was on earth, because every little thing that he does in this pod must be very precise or he can die. Therefore, recklessness is not more a word in his dictionary, if you know what I mean.

After mourning his situation for a while, he realizes that this could actually be a new beginning, he could learn from those earthly mistakes and become a better man so this new life could be actually fun.

Well, as I said, totally Sci Fi! But if you stop to think about it, mankind does exactly that, right?! We are adaptable but at the same time so resistant to changes that it blinds us completely and prevents us from seeing new perspectives. So in the end, I think that the ability to face things as opportunities is a very important part of HOPE and this makes us go on every day…

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Sabrina Todt


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