Is Love Immortal? Sabrina Todt talks about what inspired the song

By silentadm

love immortal

Love is something that makes us alive, it’s a an emotion so hard to describe but yet so easy to understand and so … immortal!

It will come a time when you ask yourself if you have really loved… because you feel this energy, these thrills and at the same time you feel anxious, terrified… it doesn’t really matter, you keep going! It doesn’t matter if it is corresponded, it doesn’t matter who you have to defeat to get it, you are in control as much as a junkie desperate for dope.

Love is part of us is part of all, and that is what Immortal is about: how can it be so wonderful and at the same time so complicated ? How can you have it without losing control of yourself? How can it hurt so bad but make you feel so good?

Now imagine you fell in love,this person is perfect for you in every single way, they make you realize how life can be so much more… you want to drown in them in a way to explore all the possibilities, all the outcomes, share your deepest fears and happiness, to a point that you become one, you are one flesh, one blood, one soul. Is this possible? Without losing yourself, without changing your loved one? Is love a symbiotic state of mind?

You tell me…

With that in mind, click here and listen to the song again following the lyrics and try to find the meaning of it for you! If you like, leave some comments below telling your thoughts, I’ll love to read it!

Sabrina Todt

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