Immortal Video Released One singular interpretation of the song

By silentadm

After a few weeks of the Silent Saga released a video from the song Immortal, which is also the main track of the second album of the band.

The video was made using the same technique of the previous one (Ball Of Vanities), focusing on the story and one interpretation of the lyrics, making use of several symbolisms to represent the ideas behind the words and combining with some strong images to match perfectly the mood of the heavy soundtrack.

The news is that in the Immortal video the fans have the opportunity to watch more clearly the lead singer, Sabrina Todt, performing the song.

Immortal talks about how love affect us so heavily and although the video brings an interpretation of the song’s message, that’s definitely not the only possible one.

So, what is your interpretation of it? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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