First Album Released! Silent Saga's debut album, Ball Of Vanities, is now available in digital format

By silentadm


Silent Saga first album, Ball Of Vanities, is an EP that features 3 tracks that bring Symphonic Metal back to its roots.

Arranged by the band with the support of the producers since the first riffs, the album delivers the explosive thrills of the early waves of female fronted metal combined with modern sound characteristics and the aggressivity and maturity of a band that has been on the road for over a decade.

Sander Gommans (After Forever, Trillium, HDK) and Amanda Somerville (Avantasia, Trillium, Kiske/Somerville) worked on the pre-production of the album together with the band, guiding the band’s steps on the songwriting and recording process.

Ball of Vanities track makes us think how our society expects us to behave, putting our deep sickened and haunted emotions into check and how the pressure we put in ourselves to fit into the standards and to project an image of success ends up blinding us for the things that matter to ourselves, driving us completely insane

Three Lives is a story about rage, blood, love and revenge that make us think about the people we have most dear in our lives. Do we take them for granted? Would we do anything to have them back? Where is the ethical line drawn? What are we capable of when they are in danger, and ultimately – does life still make sense if we lose them?

Prisoners Of The Sea tells the story of the challenges faced by sailors and pirates back in the day, the endless search for glory and how cruel it could be to those who would take their chances at open sea, but at the same time are passionate about this way of life and cannot imagine living any other way.

These three tracks make up for a powerful first album and gives an impression of what is to come in the following material of Silent Saga.

You can get the album at Silent Saga Store where it comes with the cover artwork and lyrics, or at all the major music distributors such as iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, and Spotify among others.


The Path EP

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