• The Path Video Released An unique interpretation...

    Right after the launch of Silent Saga’s third EP, The Path, the band releases the video of the track that carries the same name. Following the same process of the two previous videos (Ball Of Vanities and Immortal), the video gives us a more detailed interpretation of the song. It also gives us the chance

  • New Horizons Story A Sci Fi Tale About A New Beginning

    When I wrote this lyric my Sci Fi mode was on… The main character wakes in a pod in outer space and all he can think about is that he is an unfortunate man that will miss all the things he had done in life while he was on earth, because every little thing that

  • The Story Behind The Path Between life, death and faith

    The main idea was to tell a story of a man in a situation where the boundaries between right and wrong are not so clear. To do so I put the main character at war, it couldn’t be more difficult, right?!! So he has to survive but at the same time, he has to be

    The Path
  • Immortal Album Released! Silent Saga's second album, Immortal, is now available in digital format

    Silent Saga’s Immortal, is the second EP from the band. It features 3 tracks that brings explosive thrills of the early waves of female fronted metal combined with modern sound characteristics. The songs were arranged by the band with the support of the producers Sander Gommans (After Forever, Trillium, HDK) and Amanda Somerville (Avantasia, Trillium, Kiske/Somerville) since

    Silent Saga - Immortal EP
  • Immortal Video Released One singular interpretation of the song

    After a few weeks of the Silent Saga released a video from the song Immortal, which is also the main track of the second album of the band. The video was made using the same technique of the previous one (Ball Of Vanities), focusing on the story and one interpretation of the lyrics, making use

    Silent Saga Immortal video
  • Is Love Immortal? Sabrina Todt talks about what inspired the song

    Love is something that makes us alive, it’s a an emotion so hard to describe but yet so easy to understand and so … immortal! It will come a time when you ask yourself if you have really loved… because you feel this energy, these thrills and at the same time you feel anxious, terrified…

    love immortal
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