• Best From The Best Now is the final!

    We have 3 winners from the past polls of each EP released so far. So now, is the final! We want to know: If you want a quick refresh, just click below and listen to the song you want: Listen to Ball Of Vanities – Listen to Immortal – Listen to The Path   And

  • Bittersweet When things get spicy...

    Do you know that phase in a relationship when you get to know that person and all you can think of is… Let’s get naked! Yes… that’s what Bittersweet is about… SEX! Everything about him/her turns you on, a blink, a smile, a touch, how he/she moves every single Detail is burned in your mind

  • Sins When is the time to stop?

    Judgement day is near… Mankind almost can feel it… So what can go wrong? We are living our lives like there is no tomorrow, therefore why wait? Why cut ourselves back when we can have almost anything? We just have to cross the line, do something reckless and we should be satisfied, isn’t that true?!

  • New Horizons Nothing stays the same, so why should you?

    Explore. Reinvent yourself. Push the limits. Experiment new things, discover new places. And if possible, stay alive. Change is the only permanent thing in the universe, resisting is useless. The answers to the questions that each new day brings are out there, so suit up and get moving. Only those who are ready to take

  • The Path Sharp is the blade against fools!

    Survival – a basic instinct that is hardcoded in our brains. But do we have what it takes to pull it off? Does it depend on us exclusively or must we rely on others? One way or the other, the most important is to play smart and not to neglect any opportunity that is given

  • Time The most neglected precious gift...

    Any day, hour or even minute is a precious moment that will never come back. It’s a new chance to write your life in any way you want. It’s a life changing opportunity. But almost everyone just takes it for granted and treats it like it will last forever… Time Sabrina Todt / Renato Angelo

  • Suicide Note Awareness is what it takes to avoid this dark path

    Depression and burnout can lead people to a terrible and dark end. It’s dangerous because some people don’t take it serious, as an illness, and usually the closest ones are those who could help. That is what this songs is about. It’s deep, it’s serious, it’s a warning in form of music. Suicide Note Sabrina

  • Immortal Toxic but joyful, heady but thrilling, heaven and hell...

    Don’t mess with love. You can suppress it, but you can’t control it. Love may come and may go. But while it is there, it takes over. Resistance is futile. But what the heck? It is toxic but joyful, it is heady but thrilling, it is our heaven and hell… Love is what we are.

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