Silent Saga - Blindness


Time stands still. All pain is gone. You see no evil, everything bad is left behind. You are filled by ecstatic wave of perfection. You find gratefulness for every little thing that, until now, you didn’t notice. The fairytale is real, and even the blind can see again.


Sabrina Todt, Renato Angelo

Candy clouds all around me 
This punch drunk love that never ends 
A crazy feeling inside me 

Listen to my heart
I beg you please 

Candy clouds are now drowning 
Everything that is so real
Imagination’s drugging me 
It is all fantasy 

The weather seems fine ’til
A sudden rain washes it all away 
Revealing me as I really am

Listen to my heart 
Pumping beautiful stories to be heard
Where unicorns and fairies live
Where blind me again see

Caution!, screams my dark soul 
To this unreal beautiful world
It is really hard to believe my eyes
Is it real or in my mind? 

Listen to this heart 
Pumping beautiful stories no one hears
Where unicorns and fairies lived
And the only blind was me

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