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Rise from the ashes!

Life gets rough sometimes, for all of us. You’re overwhelmed, closer to your last breath than ever. And it is at this point that you realize that we are nothing more than stardust. But still, you fight it, you get through it. It’s blood and tears, but you rise again. You’re wounded, but still standing. You bury your past and, like a Phoenix, you rise from the ashes. 


Sabrina Todt, Renato Angelo

Through my memories I can revive All the mistakes I made
That will never die

This is just the beginning
This is just an end
To maybe bring some meaning
To bring me peace again

Ashes into ashes
And to dust we shall return
Let this burial begin
So the ground can burn

It’s time to say goodbye
To your friends and enemies
Let the mourn
Your absence

Nothing left to say
Nothing more to cry for…


The ground is burning non stop
The flames fill the vision
Until it’s gone…

So with an empty heart
I shall find my rightful place
As a Phoenix I will rise
and these ashes will fade

Chorus 2:
Ashes into ashes
And to dust we shall return
Let this burial end
So the ground ceases to burn

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