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Interviews 2019

2019 Interviews

Hello everyone,

in the end of the year 2019 many things happened at the same time for Silent Saga, and some important matters were left out of the loop here on the website, but with this post I’ll be fixing it.

If you were at the last show in 2019 at LOGO Hamburg with us, Aeternitas and Enemy Inside, you know that we are preparing a lot of new things, planning for the release of the 4 EPs, the recording of the album with the participation of the Brazilian drummer Marcos Frassão, the website, the shop, everything carefully done for you. But there is more, we took time to give two interviews and forgot to proper mention them through social media.

 Therefore, I would like to link them in this post for those who follow the band and to curious ones out there, who want to know a little more about our history.

The first interview was taken by Simon from “The Podcast and the Pendulum” on Dec. 6th 2019 and it is available here

The second interview was taken by Rainer Kerber on Dec. 28th 2019 and is available here

As we announced in 2020 we will be launching new material with the cover designs from Aurélio Augusto dos Santos Lara from the Design Lara Artwork. He has done the artwork from RISE! in 2018. You can already check his work for our first EP, FIRE, here on our website!

We hope you a wonderful 2020!

Best wishes and Keep on rockin ‘,
Sabrina T

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